Free use of our clean database of fax numbers.

All of our UK and USA numbers are ‘cleaned’ against UK FPS opt out lists and meet with USA FCC regulations.

Lowest fax marketing costs in the world

10,000 UK faxes for £130

10,000 USA faxes for $200

Send your fax flyer to the right audience

Fine tune your fax marketing send by advertising to the type of people you need to reach, through our demographic database lists.

No charge for use of our fax data.

Fax Marketing to the UK and USA

Absolute Fax.

A global reach to ALL countries specializing in the UK and USA.

About Us

At Absolute Fax we only provide one single service; Fax marketing. By focusing on this service alone we have come to be recognized as genuine fax broadcasting leaders, sending millions of pages each day into the UK and USA.

Based in Europe, we provide a full scale service to a wide range of clients; from small self employed people wishing to target local areas with a few thousand pages, to larger campaigns sending hundreds of thousands to a wider area. No fax blast is too big or too small.

We comply with all fax marketing regulations including the Fax Preference Service in the UK and the FCC in the U.S.A. We also boast what is possibly the ‘purest’ list of in-house fax numbers for both the UK and USA and a very well managed opt-out database, ensuring the leads generated are more precise and much cleaner.

Allow us to handle all aspects of your fax broadcast from flyer design to demographic targeting, or simply handle the entire campaign yourself by using our on-line fax blast portal. Either way, we guarantee you will find Absolute Fax a real breath of fresh air.

Absolute Speed. Absolute Quality. Absolute Fax.

About You

Is this your first fax marketing send? If so, relax. There really is nothing to it. We have a large database of UK and USA fax numbers which we use in a few different ways by either ‘fax blasting’ random numbers in the area of your choice or targeting specific people. Allow us to manage everything from flyer design to send. Just sit back, wait for the phones to ring and let Absolute Fax do the work for you.

Previously used fax marketing services? The chances are you have used our cutting edge system without even knowing it. Many companies who offer fax marketing do not own the equipment needed and as a result, may use a fax provider like us to send the flyers out for them. Either way, you will feel at home with Absolute Fax and we can guarantee that the cost reduction you will see will be a nice surprise.

Reseller? You have come to the right place. Out state of the art fax blast portal is easy to use and ticks all of the right boxes. Simply log on to our portal to upload and manage your daily fax jobs. View jobs and stats in real time though live sends, manage black and white lists and download reports in a host of different ways. Our reseller rates are second to none and our capacity is more than adequate, ensuring speedy sends with zero hassle.

Price guarantee

As a genuine provider of fax marketing with our own in-house equipment, we have direct lines to the major carriers across the world. This cuts out the need for a ‘middle man’ to employ a profit. Our service comes with stunning rates.

You won’t find a more cost effective rate anywhere.

Depending on volume, we can offer rates as low as half a penny per page to the UK and One Cent per page to the USA. This includes the use of our extremely clean database of fax numbers and any help you may need in artwork design.

In the unlikely event that you are offered a lower rate, provide us with the details and we will work something out.

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